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"Have you ever asked yourself, do monsters make war, or does war make monsters?
Laini Taylor, Daughter of Smoke and Bone (via phuonguyenx3)

(Source: quotemybooks)


秋 (aki) - autumn
冬 (fuyu) - winter
夏 (natsu) - summer
雲 (kumo) - cloud
太陽 (taiyou)  - sun
雨 (ame) - rain
嵐 (arashi) - storm
朝 (asa) - morning
暑い (atsui) - hot
寒い (samui) - cold

The Korean students were probably on their end of the year trip… I’m guessing they were almost graduating or graduated…were going to start college/university. I bet their parents were so proud of them. However after the accident, some proved to be even better than most people thought.

The ship’s captain ran out of the ship trying to save his own life while students tried to help each other. Which one of these are you?

誕生日。( by Helvetica60kg)
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Happy 17th Birthday to Jung Cha Woong - a student on board the sunken ferry in South Korea who sacrificed himself to save his classmates during the rescue. 


Same age as a lot of people here